onsdag den 19. maj 2010

More commentaries from 8.B

Hello German lads!!!
It was a very nice week together with you all. I will miss you all a lot! Some more than others! You know who you are… My favourite day was the day we visited Hirthals and saw the ocenarium. Miss you Aram my sweet fuzzybear. And now my tribute to currywurst! Ahhh yes the currywurst is the food for gods, currywurst is in itself a gourmet! You gotta love it! Men wants to be the wurst women wants to be with the wurst! I’m thinking of going down and visit you all, so I hope we see each other again lads! :-)
Kind regards Thomas!

I like these days we were having with our germans friends it was very exciting and fun i learned a lot of people to know.
Mikkel Mikkelsen

Hello all. It was a nice week, when you were here.We did a lot of fun, and it was nice to have you living at our home.Det funniest time I think was our sparetime, where we played football.I injoyed the time with you!
Tchüss Christoph und joschua!


tirsdag den 18. maj 2010

Commentaries from 8.A

I think the exchange with the German students was very fun. But they could have planned some more exciting activities instead of going to an old museum. Then they could remember Denmark as a funny and nice country.

The exchange week went well and I had fun.

It was good to be in Nordsømuseum and Råbjerg Mile. The fun with the Nordsømuseum is we see a lot of fish and expensive fish, and the fun with Råbjerg Mile is the boys are pushing the girls down in the sand.

I think it was nice and it was fun after school. I think it could have been nice if we had a party the last day.

I don't have a partner but it was funny.

I think it was fun after school but the activities could be more fun and I wish that we could have a party the last day.

I think it was a good week but they could have chosen the activities better and there should have been a party. I think the evenings were funny.

I think it was a good time, but the activities was not so good. I wish we have a party the last day.

I think it was fun after school, but some of the acitivitys could be better, but it was a good week.

Hey German people.
The week was vey fun, because I didn't have an exchange partner. Tschüschen mit Küsschen.
Tobias Rishøj

I think it was a very good week. The activities were exciting, and we also had a good time after school. Our german students were friendly and we laughed a lot.

I think it was a good week. The activities were fine. I think it was cosy when we stay in the club.

I think it was nice to stay with a friend. So we were two danish students and two german students.

It was fun in Råbjerg Mile. And I like my exchange partner.
Tobias Anker

We think that the week was nice.
It was more fun than the week in Germany. :-)
The best day was Thursday, when we were at "Råbjerg Mile" and Skagen.
- Lise and Rikke

Some commentaries from 8.B

Hello Pauline(-:
It was nice to have you staying, It was really funny.. Did the crackers taste good? Carolina and I thought that you would like them, it was a little surprise for you..
Pernille :).

Nice to see you again, it was fun to have you staying... hope u had a nice trip home, hope you will like the good jam Guido :). Have fun & good luck all
- Fynbo / "Speedy"

It was nice to have you guys and girls here.
And Thomas we dont think we are cool, we know it.
Jeppe Andersen

Hey there.
I think it was a very nice week, but it was annoying that we only saw sand and dunes. I hope i will see you in the future. Anton

Hello all my german friends,
I have never experienced anything like having you staying, you are so much fun!
i would like to come to sternberg someday to visit you <3
the crackers in your bag is a danish speciality, its tradition to smash up crackers in german suitcases. i hope you liked them :*
love, carolina (-:

I liked to meet all of you. It was really nice in the days you where here in Denmark and I enjoyed the time where I were in Germany. I miss some of the Persons I meet in Germany Tim and Tim I miss you :D
Mads Wind

Hello German woozies!,
Ahhh Johannes, my own little Indiana Jones… It was a very fun week, when you were living here. I especially loved the day in Hirtshals, when the German teachers suddenly realized that 3 pupils were forgotten by the lighthouse. And then when they went to the lighthouse they found out that there were 5 pupils. What dæw’len did you do? Thursday night was a very fun night, and I think Christoph feels the same way, that drunken baby… And quit the Rammstein-music (Johannes, Salo and Tobias).
- Nicolai

It was a nice week.
It was fun to have the Germany people to live in our house.
We like the community.
And the thing we experienced was okay.
Our Germany people were sweet.
Camilla and Laura(-:

torsdag den 13. maj 2010


I liked the week in Denmark - it was very funny. I was never alone. I was always with Anne and Marie in the same house. I like the countryside. And some funny things happened with our exchange partners. And I like the POPPELVEJ.

The nature in Denmark is very beautiful and the families were very nice. English is not so easy, but it was ok. We had a lot of free-time. It was funny. The Poppelvej is cool.

It was a nice week. The evenings were very funny and he landscape was great. I like the dunes and Pølsemix is great!

There are lots of crazy people in Denmark :)
Lots of greetings to my guest-family and thanks for everything!!! Camilla you're so cool XD I hope we will see each other again !!! Thomas is hot!
Love Catha

Hey guys,
I liked it very much, the people were friendly and funny. I enjoyed the trip, because Denmark is a beautiful country. Want to come back to see you all.
Niklas is hot =D
Love Johanna
Tschüschen mit Küsschen

I think this week was very funny. My family was nice and the trips were very beautiful. Thank you for the cracker in my suitcase. =)
Morten is hot!!! Love Janine

It was a very good time! This part of Denmark is beautiful and I think it is more interesting than other parts.

I liked the week in Denmark. It was very funny, because I was never alone and it was nice to laugh together with Camilla and Cicilia, when we ate.
And I like the Poppelvej very much. We laughed the whole time. I love speedy and Camilla is "pervers".

It was very nice. The best time was after school, when all people met each other. Everybody played football. But all Danish people went on scooters and thought they were cool. Every day we went to the city and wanted to shop, but all the things cost too much.

Hello everybody in Denmark!
This week was a really cool one ... I liked it very much and I loved it to be with my guest family. Also the trips were cool and funny ...
I think it was funny and Janine is so cool and sweet ... hahaha ...
Laura: "Can I brush my teeth in the toilet?" ;)
Magnus is hot !!!
Love Pauline
P.S. Thank you for the crackers in my suitcase ...

It was a funny week. The evenings were very funny and the landscape was great. I like the beach and the dunes, of course Pølsemix too.

My guest parents were very friendly. I liked the trips we made, especially to the "Nordsøen Oceanarium". We had a lot of free-time - that was good. I didn't like that I had to move every day to another house.

It was a good time in Denmark, because the people were very friendly. And to speak English wasn't a problem!!!
My best experience was the walk on the dunes. It was a very good exchange with Denmark.


It was very nice in Denmark. Everything was funny.

lørdag den 8. maj 2010

On Friday the Germans went home again. We started at 8.15 o'clock and came home without any troubles at 5 o'clock sharp.
All the German students and teachers thank the guest-families for their hospitality. And the teachers especially thank the other teachers for organizing such a nice program for all of us.
Mange tak.

torsdag den 6. maj 2010

More from Råbjerg Mile

Playing in the sand fills up your shoes...

Råbjerg Mile

Råbjerg Mile is a moving dune we visited on the way home. There was a lot of laughing, playing and running around in the white sand.

Skagen - harbour and town

After Grenen we went into town to see the harbour and the nice old houses with the famous yellow colour. Afterwards everyone had two hours to eat, shop and enjoy the sun.

Harbour life...

Thursday morning

A visit to the most Northern part of Denmark: Grenen. Where two oceans meet. The students enjoyed a walk on the beach - and maybe a little trip in the cold water!

Our guide today was biology and physics teacher Thomas Lillelund. He knows a lot about the nature in Skagen, and has lived there as a child.

onsdag den 5. maj 2010

More pictures from Lønstrup

It was a nice trip with sun - and luckily not so much wind as yesterday.

At Rubjerg Knude the old light house has been buried by the moving sand.


A beautiful walk through the dunes in the surroundings of Lønstrup.

We started the day in "Strandfogedgården" - a little museum describing the special nature and life around Lønstrup.

Tuesday Night

Tuesday Night was club night in "Klubben". The club was filled with happy students, who played pool, table tennis, football, ate candy, talked, danced and laughed.

tirsdag den 4. maj 2010

Tuesday afternoon

Afterwards we continued our trip in "Nordsøen Oceanarium" - a big aquarium that is under reconstruction at the moment. But luckily the biggest aquarium, with the sun fish and the diver feeding the many different fish of the North Sea, is still open to the public.

Outside we saw the feeding of the seals.

Tuesday morning

A freezing cold and very windy day in Hirtshals. We started at the light house and the bunker museum.

mandag den 3. maj 2010

Monday afternoon

On Monday afternoon the students made a photo safari in the centre of Hjørring. Afterwards they were free to explore the town on their own.

Monday morning

We started Monday with some bad news. Unfortunately the German bus had been vandalised in the night, and we had to contact the police.

We went to the music room to hear some welcoming words from principal Palle B. Kristensen. After that everyone had a tour of the school. We continued with some sports activities in- and outside the school.

søndag den 2. maj 2010


On Sunday afternoon at 16.45 49 students and 3 teachers arrived from Sternberg. Ahead of us lies a week full of activities and excursions in the Northern part of Denmark. We look forward to it!